Hi, I'm Veslemøy Mørkrid, I live and work as an actor in Oslo, Norway. Now and then I also tour other countries, like Denmark, or Canada, or the USA.

This is me trying to be cool in a chair.  Foto: Stephen Butkus.

This is me trying to be cool in a chair.

Foto: Stephen Butkus.

I'm a member of the ensemble at Det Andre Teatret in Oslo. A theatre house for improvised plays that aim to make theatre accessible to people between 16 and 36. We buildt the theatre together and opened it in the fall of 2011 and now, seven years later we´re still growing. Counting both our two stages and our tours we reached 70.000 audience members last year. 

I also work as an independent freelance actor outside our theatre, where I do scripted plays, TV and Film.

My background is a classical three year acting program. In the second year of the program I discovered improvisation and in the third year I discovered Method Acting both of which I have been studying ever since, these are my main tools as an actor and makes me able to tap into both comedy and drama with confidence. But I am not a puritan in any way, I believe in using whatever works for you as an actor and in my case these two techniques happened to open some new spaces.

I hope you'll find something of interest on this page, it's mostly (all) about me and what I do, send me a message if you find some of it interesting and want to talk about the craft.


- V