The Scene at Aalborg Teater.

We visited Aalborg Teater on Saturday 10th of March to play The Scene at their Improv Festival. It was a great experience, the house itself was a soulful mix of new and old and the audience was great. The Scene is an improvised one act play that follows a set of dogme rules; everything happens in one room, all the actors play one character and it all happens in realtime. We start off by asking the audience a question, this Saturday the question was "When was the last time you were evil?" and one audience member told us about how her sister was in the middle of a really bad break up and had called her last Sunday, but she was so hung over from a party the day before that she decided to ignore the call - knowing her sister really needed to talk. The story inform our performance, this time it became a story about two sisters, one sister sleeping with the other sisters husband just to make her siblings life less perfect.

Det andra teatret (2).jpg

Talking to the audience before the show.

Andreas Tønnesland to my left and Cathrine Frost Andersen to my right.

Photo: Dan Mortensen

Det andra teatret (3).jpg

The couple.

Photo: Dan Mortensen

Det andra teatret (4).jpg

The sister.

Photo: Dan Mortensen